Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hackers taking advantage of Windows 7: Microsoft



The following article is in regards to Microsoft new OS, Windows 7, which was officially distributed for users to test and give their opinions on the new-generation Operating System that would be the replacement for the current, Vista.

In the article it's said that it has been hacked by cybercriminals to be redistributed to users as genuine copies, which in turn infects a customers PC with malware. Windows 7 uses similar technology that is built into, Vista; one of its key features is tht it warns users when unauthorized copies of software are spied on computers. Software piracy has also been a known issue as it leads to identity theft, system crashes and loss of valuable data.
According to research a third of Microsoft customers could be using counterfeit copies of Windows, which causes a great issue since Windows operating system is used on about 90 percent of computers worldwide.

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