Thursday, May 21, 2009

In China, $700 Puts a Spammer in Business



The title pretty much explains the article, it's in regards to how cheap it is for a spammer to be up and running for business using a bulletproof server. Spamming is well known to be the doing of cybercriminals for junk e-mailing in masses, some use the server for attacks on internet users. What makes this situation worse is that they can register for an account to carry out these actions
One company (Tecom) stated its services, which are hosted in "major cities in China," cannot be used for online gambling or pornographic material, which actually carries some restriction to an extent.
The author also stated "..when a domain is being used for spam or to spread malicious software, security researchers usually use an established protocol to report the domain to its registrar, who can then remove it from the Internet."
For some reason it would seem that China has less restrictions when it comes to security and web hosting laws/guides.

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